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Why I’m not making any New Year’s resolutions this year

As the end of the year creeps closer, many people both young and old will be working on a list of resolutions that they will try and implement in the New Year. You know what I’m talking about; come January 1, there is a barrage of ‘new year new me’ posts on Instagram, a sudden influx of people at the gym hogging the machines and a spike in people lining up outside the local health store. Self-improvement is the driving factor in this instance, with a big focus on personal development, betterment and growth. According to a recent ComRes poll, the six most common resolutions are:

  • Losing Weight
  • Exercising more
  • Eating more healthy
  • Taking a more active approach to my health
  • Taking a more active approach to my health
  • Learning a new hobby or skill

Looking at this information, it’s evident that people prioritise their health when it comes to their resolutions. People begin to take a more proactive approach towards their lifestyle choices; maybe they start on a new diet, join a fitness club or commit to walking at least 4 times a week. Others realise that they want to change careers or want to learn a new skill because working in their current job just isn’t rewarding enough. We hear a lot of stories from students who reach the end of the year, look back and acknowledge that they didn’t achieve the goals they had set out for themselves. They wanted to study, receive their qualification and finally start work in the field of their choice. However, it took them a whole year before they finally took the plunge. It made me wonder, why do we do that? Why do we always need to wait until Monday to start something? Why do we have to wait until the New Year to quit smoking, leave a job that makes us unhappy or to get fit?

The numbers speak for themselves

I’m someone that follows my heart over my head but even I can’t ignore the statistics. According to Business Insider, 80% of people will fail to keep their resolutions by the second week of February. That’s a whole month and a bit, so it’s not too shabby.

Here’s how I see it. As people reach the end of the year, they are disheartened to realise that they did not achieve most of the tasks they had set out for themselves the previous year. In a desperate scramble to assure ourselves that this will not happen again, we compile a list of tasks that we commit to accomplishing. Come the new year, our hopes, ambitions and dreams are at their peak because of the “blank slate” we have been granted. We are armed with motivation and driven by the notion that now is the time to create change and become the best version of ourselves. So we commit to these changes…until we reach the second week of February.

Why I’m not making any new year resolutions

Last year, I waited until January 1 to act on my dreams and goals. Come the first day of the new year, I went to finally create the website I had been meaning to launch for months. To my shock, almost every variation of the name I had chosen was already taken. A quick Google search revealed a myriad of other websites with the same business concept.

So the reality is, while some of us are waiting until Monday or the new year to finally take action and change our lives, the rest of the world is trying to make their dreams and ambitions a reality every single day. The great idea I had come up with almost a year ago could now be found at every corner of the internet. It was an abrupt realisation that I was not ready to face.

You’ll see as the year progresses how quickly the gym clears out by March, how a co-worker who swore to become a vegan this year is back to enjoying a lunchtime steak and those items you had on your list to achieve sit neglected in the notes of your I-Phone.

So, what should we do instead?

We are not able to predict what will happen to us today, tomorrow or in a weeks’ time. As humans, we are guilty of viewing time not as a privilege but as something that is owed to us. The reality is, we can’t afford to delay these resolutions.

Pounce on your ambitions now. Change that bad habit, even if it’s just one the time being. Making a new year’s resolution is often just an excuse to delay taking a risk or putting in the anticipated effort. If you want to finally leave your job in pursuit of a more rewarding and fulfilling career, then do it now. You will thank yourself in a year’s time when you have received your qualification and are entering the workforce. If you’d like some help in this department, you can have a chat with one of our awesome Course and Careers Consultants. They’ve been around for so long that they’re pros at helping people find out how they can achieve these goals. You can click here to get in touch ->

Whether you want to get your health in check, organise your finances, learn a new skill or change your career, take my advice and start as soon as you can. Avoid being a part of the 80% that fail their resolutions. That way this time next year, you can look back and genuinely be proud of the year that you have had.

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Why I’m not making any New Year’s resolutions this year




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