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Kirana - Great skills to place on your resume

3 Skills you NEED to showcase on your resume, found by employers

Some skills you think employers value the most, may not be what some employers are looking for. Seek asked job posters which skills they thought were

Becoming a Child Care worker - A Complete Guide BLOG POST BANNER (5)

Becoming a Child Care worker – A Complete Guide

Are you naturally patient, love kids and enjoy a flexible working environment? Early Childhood Education may be the career for you! Child Care workers

Why a career in Disability is right for you

Why a career in Disability is right for you!

1 in 6 people (18%) have a disability in Australia, which equates to 4.4 million people! With over 4.4 million people having some form of disability,

Enjoyable careers in Australia!

Top 5 most rewarding and enjoyable careers in 2021!

Landing a job in today's climate is hard enough, but finding a career that fulfills you is a tougher challenge and can take quite a few odd jobs to fi

top 6 tips for paternal leave

Top 6 tips for returning to work after parental leave

Transitioning back into the workplace after parental leave can be very challenging. It can become an emotional rollercoaster, where you are excited to

tips to improve your resume

Quick resume tips to get you hired!

Trying to write a good resume is difficult, but in today’s day and age, it might be a lot more challenging with more and more individuals enteri

Student thinking about travelling

4 ways to travel the world and get ahead in your career

Hands up if you have ever encountered the painful and crippling feeling of FOMO. For our readers who are in the dark about this term, it’s an acrony


Everything You Need to Know About Being a Personal Care Assistant

Ageing people need assistance from someone who can help manage their daily living activities. This is especially true if they wish to live independent

Follow these tips to make the most out of your work placement

How to make the most out of your work placement!

Going out on a work placement can be exciting and stressful at the same time, especially if it is your first placement. It is normal to feel anxious o

free resume template

Free Cover Letter Template

Applying for your dream job! Get started with this free cover letter template. If you are really serious about landing an interview, a well-crafted co

Kirana banner - Studying online

How to fit studying online into your life: 5 tips to survive

Between family commitments, working full-time (or even part-time), it may seem like adding studying onto your plate would be something you would not t

The truth about working in Childcare

The Truth About Working in Childcare

Childcare is an incredibly demanding but rewarding role! There are so many perks to working in childcare, such as teaching the future leaders of tomor

Mature Aged Student (2)

Studying As A Mature Aged Student: 5 Simple Tips To Help You!

A Mature Aged student is a student who is aged over 18 and has been out of full-time education for over a year. Enrolling into a new course can be ove

5 questions you want answers to

5 critical questions you want answers to before you choose a provider

Enquiring to different colleges can be overwhelming and stressful. There are over 100 pages of different answers to questions that you may have scatte

future proof your career path

4 Tips to effectively Future Proof Your Career Path

Future-proof is the process of anticipating and planning for the future You can future proof your career path by studying one of our Nationally Recogn

9 Common Job Interview Questions to Get You Ready for Working in Mental Health!

Are you preparing for a job interview to work in Mental Health? Here are 9 interview questions that can get you job-ready in your dream industry! A Me

tips for better mental health

5 Tips For Better Mental Health in 2021

Mental Health is one of the most important things to consider in 2021! Many of 2020’s burdens may still be upon us and stress can cause huge con

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