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Kirana - Great skills to place on your resume

3 Skills you NEED to showcase on your resume, found by employers

Some skills you think employers value the most, may not be what some employers are looking for. Seek asked job posters which skills they thought were

Becoming a Child Care worker - A Complete Guide BLOG POST BANNER (5)

Becoming a Child Care worker – A Complete Guide

Are you naturally patient, love kids and enjoy a flexible working environment? Early Childhood Education may be the career for you! Child Care workers

Why a career in Disability is right for you

Why a career in Disability is right for you!

1 in 6 people (18%) have a disability in Australia, which equates to 4.4 million people! With over 4.4 million people having some form of disability,

Enjoyable careers in Australia!

Top 5 most rewarding and enjoyable careers in 2021!

Landing a job in today's climate is hard enough, but finding a career that fulfills you is a tougher challenge and can take quite a few odd jobs to fi

top 6 tips for paternal leave

Top 6 tips for returning to work after parental leave

Transitioning back into the workplace after parental leave can be very challenging. It can become an emotional rollercoaster, where you are excited to

tips to improve your resume

Quick resume tips to get you hired!

Trying to write a good resume is difficult, but in today’s day and age, it might be a lot more challenging with more and more individuals enteri

Student thinking about travelling

4 ways to travel the world and get ahead in your career

Hands up if you have ever encountered the painful and crippling feeling of FOMO. For our readers who are in the dark about this term, it’s an acrony

How to become a better mental health worker

Running for Mental Health: We sat down with Daniel Lucchini

Running for Mental Health: We sat down with Daniel Lucchini “As a young person growing up in our modern society, I understand the pressures and

Female kneeling infront of disabled persons

Starting a career as a Disability Support Worker? 5 things you should know

5 things you should know before starting your dream career as a Disability Support Worker Changing your career to become a Disability Support Worker i

Girl sitting on park bench looking sad

5 simple tips on looking after your mental health

Confused?Anxious? Looking after your mental health is important because it can help cope with adversity like the one entire world is facing now. Work

how to stay motivated with studying online - banner image

5 tips to stay motivated and master online study.

Struggling with motivation to study online? Follow these tips. Whether you are a full time working professional, own a business, have family obligatio

childcare interview questions

Childcare interview questions – Get ready for your job interview in the childcare industry

Do you want a career in Early Childhood and Education? Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your next childcare job interview including prepari

female student studying online

Why it is the best time to learn a new course

As we are all patiently waiting to see how this year of uncertainty unfolds, one thing is certain… a lack of productivity has increased like wildfir

female student studying at home

Whilst you’re housebound be course-bound

Whilst You’re Housebound Be Course-bound There is a lot of uncertainty about what the next few months will hold for Australians. As we are asked

Support Worker assisting client out of bed

Start your Aged Care career

Australia’s population is rapidly ageing and the demand for adequate aged care has gone up in the last few years. The huge disparity between the dem

mature aged student taking an online course

Why online training is right, right now!

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” – Donna J. Abernathy As schools around the world have had recent c

student studying online infront of laptop

Get Practical Skills Through Online Training

If you are interested in a career in Early Childhood Education and Care, or working in Community Services, or even in Aged Care you may wonder how you

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