3 Skills you NEED to showcase on your resume, found by employers

PUBLISHED18 October 2021

Some skills you think employers value the most, may not be what some employers are looking for.

Seek asked job posters which skills they thought were the most important and valued the most.


Teamwork was valued by 32% of employers, compared to 21% of job seekers.
Critical thinking was valued by 28% of employers vs 19% of job seekers.
Attention to detail is important to 27% of employers

Teamwork/Collaboration skill

Teamwork is highly valuable to showcase within your job application/resume. By giving examples on how you react and act to team scenarios is critical for employers to see whether you are the most suitable candidate.

When you are at work, you can always share your limelight with others and bounce of each other with ideas and different examples.

If you disagree with someone, recognise and acknowledge their idea, then ask if you can present your idea also. Team’s work together so it is always great to hear others options too.

When in an interview, and an interviewer asks “Give us an example of teamwork?”

Answer: In my last position as ______, I was a part of a close but large team. We all worked together to plan and manage tasks: (List some tasks). We always completed these tasks by the deadline and always received positive reviews with our working method. Our ability to communicate resonated with clients and they enjoyed working with us.

Attention to detail skill

An attention to detail is important to have, as it helps prevent mistakes within the workplace. There are various methods to help pay better attention to tasks.

  • Make Lists
  • Get Organised
  • Take regular breaks
  • Come up with a personal reward system
  • Stop multitasking

You can think about what the worst-case scenario would be, instead of mulling over what could go wrong. When you write down on paper what could go wrong, it is likely that you will worry less about making mistakes.

A question in an interview that they might ask you could be “Have you ever worked on something where it was crucial to be accurate?

Example answer: “Yes I have. As a ___(Role title)___, I needed to work on multiple tasks all at the same time and needed them to be completed within a short time frame. The pressure from these deadlines really helped me focus on the finer details and made me double and even triple-check my work before sending this off to a client. If I still did not feel confident with this, then I would get a superior to check over this before submitted.

Problem Solving skills

Critical thinking is key for helping you analyse information and help stay curious about information.

The first step to critical thinking is to consider more than one point of view. Consider that there maybe other possible solutions or methods. Evaluate every side of the story.

Research into the topic and create a rabbit hole with information you are given. Research is your best friend!

Evaluate your own work – Relying solely on textbooks is not enough, it is ideal to do your own research.

By applying these three skills to your resume, you can definitely stand out to future employers.

An interview question that might pop up within your interview could be: “when you are faced with a problem, what do you do?

Answer: When I am faced with a problem, I would seek advice from my own research that I have done previously or rely on the internet for any information. After researching into the issue, whether it is small or large, I make a to-do list and jot down some notes on how to best tackle this issue.

Transferable skills checklist

Transferable skills are incredibly valuable and can play an important part in any role. These are skills you have learnt, not only in school but through your career life too.

So if you are applying for any jobs, it would be ideal to follow this checklist that you can highlight in your job application and online profile.

Workplaces rely on the communication skills of employees, so things can run smoothly. By communicating within your team and also to other clients, you will be greatly appreciated by your managers and employers.

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