Reinvent Yourself this New Year! 5 habits for success in 2021

PUBLISHED18 October 2021

5 habits for success in 2021!

We are already approaching the end of the first month of 2021! Have you already taken the time to reflect on what worked and what did not and set the goals for the New Year?

The habits of a person attribute as a deciding factor of an individual’s success!

Our habits play a vital role in shaping our life. If you are looking for a successful year, here are few habits for success you will want to develop!

Make a list of the things you want

You must have heard this a million times, but sometimes the best tips are actually the simplest.
Get into the routine of creating focused lists of things you want. Start with a specific goal and make a list of all specifics around that goal on how to bring that to life.

For example, your new year goal could be to give back to the community, for which:

  • You want to volunteer in a specific industry.
  • You want to study Community Services and get qualified for a job.
  • You want to experience the rewarding feeling when you are able to help people in need.
  • You want to get into a career that pays well and is recession-proof.

Change the way you speak to yourself

It is very common to have doubts floating around in your head:

  • Can I really do this?
  • I don’t know how to do this
  • Studying online is not for me, I easily get distracted.

The things you say to yourself often become your reality. It’s time for a change.
Whenever self-doubt comes in, take a moment and try to find out ways on how you can make a positive change and empower yourself. One of the easiest ways you can do this is by talking positively to yourself:

  • Let’s try. Even if I fail I will learn in the process and succeed eventually.
  • I will never know unless I try.
  • Studying online is easy and saves time. I will get plenty of time to work on myself.

Start believing in yourself and the first step is working on your thoughts and bringing positive changes.

Network with people with similar goals


The company you keep is highly influential in shaping your reality. From food, gym, education, career to life choices, we are in some way influenced by our surroundings. You need to start finding people who motivate and inspire you and learn from them.

Think of a scenario where you wish to work in the Aged Care sector. In addition to your supportive friends and family, imagine networking with people who have the same goal and are passionate about the aged care industry. They will only motivate you to pursue your goals, you will learn from their experiences, you will be able to showcase your work to more people in the sector leading to better opportunities.

You can even create an account on Linkedin. The world’s largest professional network with nearly 740 million members in more than 200 countries! You can network with anyone in the world!

Now, think of your goals and find people who can really help you achieve your goals, and start networking.

Learn one thing every day

It’s easy actually. You are actually always learning new things every day but never seem to keep track of it. You could have seen a new bird in your neighborhood, created a new deal in your company CRM for the first time, found out that Nauru has no capital city! Yep, it’s true!
We are constantly learning. The missing link here is when you acknowledge what you have learned throughout the day and appreciate yourself. This act raises self-awareness as well as a feeling of achievement.

Consciously, you could do more! How about reading one chapter of a book every day, enrolling for an online course, attending seminars in your industry of interest?

Knowledge increases confidence and facilitates decision making and you will gradually start to notice the difference in yourself.

Take care of yourself

So, you can’t skip this one here. Health is wealth!
If you don’t have the energy to open your laptop and start studying, you are not going to earn that certification and probably not going to get the job of your dreams and enjoy the success you could have achieved.
Everything starts with taking action and to take action you need to be in a healthy state of body and mind. Try to improve your sleeping and eating habits. Get enough sleep, exercise, hydrate and focus on nutrition.

As you plan for your successful new year, follow these routines until they eventually become habits for success.
Get started – You can do this!

Like it? Feel free to share this with someone who needs it! Can you think of any other habits for success?

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