Becoming a Child Care worker – A Complete Guide

PUBLISHED15 October 2021

Are you naturally patient, love kids and enjoy a flexible working environment? Early Childhood Education may be the career for you!

Child Care workers are one of the most underappreciated, yet most essential jobs in Australia! This industry is fast-growing and easily accessible to anyone with a Certificate III or Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

What does a Child Care worker do?

A Child Care Worker provides care and supervision for children under the age of 10. They usually work in centres, kindergartens hospitals, or even woman’s shelters.

Due to the age of some children, sometimes your role will differ depending on what centre you work at. Lessons that are created by the Educator need to be stimulating and grab the student’s attention.

Teachers may find themselves:

  • Providing nutritious meals/snacks
  • Communicating with parents
  • Dealing with hygiene and behavioral issues
  • Monitoring development
  • Preparing games and other activities
  • Performing cleaning duties
  • Accept legal responsibility for the health and safety of the children your care. This means you need to be familiar with the code of ethics.


Child Care Workers work an average of 39.8 hours a week, with other industries average at 42 hours.

The projected growth rate for the industry is currently sitting at 19%, and there are an expected 182,000+ positions to be available from 2024. This is most likely due to the increasing population of Australians and both parents returning back to work quicker than the usual 12 months parental leave.

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Child care worker outlook (projected growth) – Job Outlook

Most employees who are working in Child Care, typically hold a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care or a Diploma.

When you complete this qualification, you can become a:

Why is this career so rewarding?

By watching the children grow – you can gain a sense of achievement knowing you are teaching the future leaders of tomorrow.

When you pursue a career in Child Care, whatever your lifestyle, the flexibility/hours will cater to you.

Is being a Child Care Worker right for me?

If you have a love for children and you are super patient, then this career is right for you.

  • Do you love everything about kids?
  • Can you communicate with young and older people?
  • Are you patient and flexible?
  • Are you the dependable type?
  • Is your salary the driving factor for your career choice?
  • Are you willing to pursue more education and training?

If you said yes to any of the above, then Child Care should be your career choice.


Some requirements that you need to fulfill are:

  • Police Checks
  • Working with Children Check
  • First Aid Certificate

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