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PUBLISHED18 October 2021

If you are interested in a career in Early Childhood Education and Care, or working in Community Services, or even in Aged Care you may wonder how you could study and get qualified for these courses online. After all, these professions require practical skills. The question is “can you learn the processes, knowledge and skills in an online environment?” The answer to this question is “yes”. Yes, you can gain online nationally recognised certifications in these fields and you will gain practical skills in the process. The key is having great trainers, and a practical work placement.

Some of the most popular online courses at Kirana Colleges are the; Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care; Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing); Certificate III in Individual Support and Certificate IV in Ageing Support; the Diploma of Community Services and the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. All of these courses are for jobs that require practical skills. Our students get the benefit of being trained by people with extensive industry experience in an online environment. Students get the knowledge they need through online training and the practical training through work placement.

 How Trainers Impart Practical Knowledge

If you do online training you will not be in a traditional classroom setting, but you will meet your trainers virtually. With this in mind, access to trainers should be a key consideration when selecting a training organisation. As a good training organisation, Kirana Colleges will ensure that you have regular access and dedicated support from your trainer.

Here’s how online trainers make learning easy for their students:

  • Regular communication: Staying in constant touch is critical for those pursuing online learning courses. Online trainers keep tabs on the progress of all the students assigned to them. They answer course-related queries and offer help whenever students get stuck with something.
  • Motivation through short-term goals: Trainers help students define time-bound goals and help them achieve them. For ease of learning, many trainers encourage their students by setting simpler and shorter goals that are easier to accomplish.
  • Course-specific tips: Trainers help you understand a course and offer invaluable practical advice.

 Work Placement

Work placement is where students spend time in organisations in their field of study – learning practical skills. This is a key component of many courses before students are awarded their certification or diploma.

We make work placement simpler for our students, and unlike many other training organisations, we assist our students with securing work placement. We have relationships with organisations in various industries to ensure that our students have valuable work experiences. We want our students to gain all of the practical job ready skills they need before they graduate, and work hard to ensure they receive these skills.

Training online may suit you better than attending a traditional classroom training organisation for many reasons. Some people choose to study online as there are no training campuses close to where they live. Other people choose online training to avoid the commute, to be able to work around a current job, to work at their own pace or simply because that’s how they prefer to study.

Online training means you can complete your vocational education anywhere in Australia with an internet connection – whilst also getting the practical job ready skills you need for your career.

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