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Studying As A Mature Aged Student: 5 Simple Tips To Help You!

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A Mature Aged student is a student who is aged over 18 and has been out of full-time education for over a year.

Enrolling into a new course can be overwhelming for a student at any age. However, it can be even more daunting if you are working full-time or have a family/dependents. Before you think studying is ‘way too hard’, take some time to consider the benefits of studying!

We have developed a few tips to assist you to get back into the study space with ease.

Choose flexible study

It is ideal to look for a provider that caters to your study needs and commitments. Online courses are usually self-paced, so you can complete units at a time that suits you.

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A self-paced course allows you to finish your course in a shorter time frame! This means you could reach your goal faster than you think.

Build a network

Mature aged students

Stepping into a new environment is always overwhelming and intimidating, especially as a mature aged student. That’s why it is ideal to build a network that can assist you. You could also rely on your family and friends to help with the workload, such as getting them to look over your assignments and reading it with a fresh set of eyes.

Have good time management skills

Make sure you are prepared before your course commences! Keep track of your weekly timetable, so you can adjust your personal life accordingly.

Also ensure, you take notes of all the assessments and deadlines coming within the next month. This will help you structure your study time accordingly, so you don’t miss anything.

Embrace new technology

There are so many different platforms that can assist you with studies and scheduling your time efficiently, such as Monday, Asana, and other project management software’s.

Know your worth

As a mature aged student, you would have worked for several years (regardless of the industry) and developed many different (soft) skills that will help you in your next workplace. Don’t be afraid of the new, young students as you are the one embracing your future and have much more experience than others.

Here is a short video with some tips on how to effectively study as a mature aged student!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a mature aged student, how can Kirana Colleges cater to me?

Our courses are online, meaning you can study whenever, wherever, and however you like! This is ideal for someone who has a busy lifestyle and needs to study in the evening or mornings, depending on their lifestyle!

Q: Do you have any support services considering I am back to study as a mature aged student?

Yes we do! As a joint imitative with AccessEAP, we provide you with a dedicated counseling hotline which is available 24 hours a day, 355 days a year! You are also offered 3 complimentary face-to-face counseling sessions (or via skype).

We also have a dedicated student support team that can assist you with any enquiries you may have.

Q: How many hours should I spend a week studying?

As a full-time student, you should spend around 12-15 hours studying and working on assessments. If you use this time a week to work on your course, you can heavily reduce the workload and reach your career goal quicker!

Q: Do I need to have computer skills?

E-Learning - computer skills 

mature aged student

As a mature aged student, you will need to have basic computer skills when enrolling into our course as you will be spending most of your time online with research and also on our learning platform.

Speak to one of our Course and Career’s Advisors if you have any further questions!

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Studying As A Mature Aged Student: 5 Simple Tips To Help You!