Quick resume tips to get you hired!

PUBLISHED18 October 2021

Trying to write a good resume is difficult, but in today’s day and age, it might be a lot more challenging with more and more individuals entering into the career market.

The time is now to optimise your resume and stand out to future employers. Here are a few quick tips/tricks to optimise it:


The best way to do this is to actually read the job description that you are applying for and see what experience they are asking for. This will help you add and remove any experience that employers are looking for.

Additionally, if your job experience is listed from over 10 years ago, this might be too long and irrelevant for the interviewer to read. Always try to be succinct and to the point when it comes to resume writing.

Side note: Always tailor your resume to the job description


Move the most relevant information to the top. Hiring Managers spend only a few seconds reviewing each and the top part of your resume should be great! It would be ideal to print out your resume and then fold it into thirds, read it aloud to your family, and ask them if it sounds attractive enough to the employer.


The style of your resume should be crisp and clean, there should really be only two pages and your body text in your resume, should not be any smaller than 11 font size!

Make sure to add a few colours – like a nice, professional blue. This will improve readability.

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LinkedIn is a powerful tool and whilst using this social platform, it can help you network with relevant employers. Make sure to include your LinkedIn profile link – if it is too long, you can always use a custom URL shortener too.


No hiring manager wants to see no references listed on their potential employee’s CV. It is highly encouraged to always list your references when you are applying for a role, so it is easier for the HR Manager.


For your experience, start from the most current workplace and then work your way back. Always put your highest degree first, such as adding your Masters or Bachelors, then move into the Diploma’s and other shorter qualifications.

Ensure your resume is also up to date, meaning you need to add the last 10 years of experience, more than that would just bore the Hiring Manager.

Here are some quick resume do’s and don’ts:


  • Include your contact information
  • Highlight your most recent experience
  • Include Personal accomplishments
  • Use bullet points
  • Include soft skills
  • Save final copy as a pdf (unless requested otherwise)
  • Consider volunteer or other non-work experience, if relevant to the role
  • Consider a creative or digital resume



  • Include anything confidential
  • Include random, unrelated hobbies
  • Use more than 2 fonts
  • Forget to spell check and check for grammatical errors
  • Make it longer than 2 pages

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