7 Job Interview Tips for Success to Land Your Dream Job

PUBLISHED18 October 2021

The first few moments of your interview can have a decisive impact on how well the rest of the job interview goes. Here are is a helpful guide that can help you stand out at your next interview!

Before your job interview:

  1. Make sure to study the job description: Use the employer’s job description as a guide to consider all the skills and qualifications that you discuss within the job interview (when asked). The more you can align yourself with these points, the more the employer will be able to see that you are qualified for this role.
  2. Plan attire: Plan what you are going to wear the night before the job interview, so there are no delays later on in the day. Make sure you have ironed your top and pants/skirt so there are no creases and you look professional. For women, it is ideal to wear a pair of business pants and a short sleeve top (not sleeveless). For a man, a nice crips suit is ideal with a neutral tone tie.
  3. Prep well-thought-out questions for your job interview: If you bring good interview questions to the managers, you will find out quickly if the job matches you. Don’t ask a question that can easily be answered by researching the company website, or on Google.
  4. Bring your resume and notebook: Make sure to print out a few copies of your resume and/or creative portfolio so the interviewer understands that you are prepared for this interview.
  5. Prepare your travel arrangements prior to the meeting, it will leave a very bad impression on your future employer if you are late for the job interview.
  6. Recruit a friend or family member to practice answering questions that may be asked during your interview. This will help your confidence and ease some pressure when you are going for the real thing later on.
  7. Answer questions using the STAR methodSituation, Task, Action, and Result. By using these four components to shape your answer, it’s much easier to share a focused answer, providing the interviewer with an informative and well-constructed answer. Related: Get your FREE resume template here

Related: Get your FREE resume template here!

After your job interview:

After your interview, it is important to follow up with an email or even a phone call (to reception) to ask how it went and if they could provide any further feedback. This will keep your application at the front of their mind and show you are keen on this role.

By using this helpful guide when going to your next job interview, you will stand out to your future employer!

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