Secrets to Handling Stress

PUBLISHED18 October 2021

Is your life becoming too stressful? If so, is your stress based on your own high expectations, unrealistic expectations of others or demands from your clients? Is your stress affecting your health and well-being or your relationships negatively?

A little positive stress can be a good motivator, but constant stress may wreak havoc on your body, mind, and relationships.  If it’s time to step in and lower your stress level, you may want to implement a few of these tips:

  1. Set Value Priorities:  You will spend most of your time and energy on the things you value most.  If it is an adrenal high of the rush-a-day world you are addicted to, you might want to break that addiction.  Stop and picture the type of life you would be proud of when your life comes to an end.  What ingredients would that life have included?  Is having a good relationship with someone you love important?  Will you feel you’ve enjoyed life, not just worked hard?  Choose what is important to you and begin shutting out what isn’t.
  2. Set Boundaries:  In order to carve out the kind of life you have imagined for yourself, you will need to set boundaries about what you will and won’t do.  Speak to your employer to see how parts of your job can be done better or delegated.  If you’re an entrepreneur, consider outsourcing needed help.  You may have to say no to invitations for things that will gobble up your time—time that could be better spent working toward your value-based goals.
  3. Make Your Life Efficient:  Do you have trouble finding your keys, phone, and important documents?  If you feel unorganised, it may be time to call someone in to help you create a more manageable system.  Then implement a few good organisational habits.  You’ll save yourself time and stress, when things are more easily located.  If you lack time for domestic chores, hire a housekeeper to clean now and then, hire lawn care help as needed, and so forth.  Look for advertisements for personal assistants to run those errands you never seem to have time for.
  4. Be Flexible:  Change is an ongoing part of life.  Uncertainties and interruptions are not necessarily negatives, they simply require flexible management.  Gain the perspectives of others and accept help or support.  You don’t have to be a lone ranger or save the world.
  5. Keep Focused:  Instead of looking at what’s not done, look at what has already been achieved.  Ignore the voices that imply you aren’t good enough or haven’t done enough.  Keep focused and do your best.  Let your best be good enough.
  6. Stay Healthy:  Don’t drown your stress in restaurant food and endless drinking or snacking.  A good balanced diet and regular exercise will boost your brain’s production of natural mood enhancers.  Eating healthy portions, drinking water, and getting regular exercise will give you improved mental function and the positive outlook you need to get through each day.

Life is too short to live it wound-up and stressed out. Don’t delay in implementing these tips. De-stress and relax and you will not only make better progress, you will enjoy the process.

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