4 ways to travel the world and get ahead in your career

PUBLISHED18 October 2021

Hands up if you have ever encountered the painful and crippling feeling of FOMO. For our readers who are in the dark about this term, it’s an acronym for “Fear of Missing Out”.

FOMO is often categorised by the growing realisation that while we’re slaving away at work, putting in countless hours at university or just in general, being unavailable due to other commitments, we’re letting life’s precious moments slip away. Meanwhile, our friends are sharing photos online of big smiles and glowing tans by the Amalfi Coast.

Often, the biggest reason that FOMO hits close to home is that we find ourselves trapped in a career we are unhappy with, completing a course that we aren’t passionate about or always mentally planning that long vacation we just never end up taking.

So if travel has been on the cards for a while but you have been put off by the thought of lagging behind in your studies or scared of sabotaging your future career by leaving big gaps in employment, then we’ve got news for you: it is possible to travel for extended periods of time and still get ahead in your career. Here’s how…

Score a job abroad

This is one of the greatest ways to see the world and keep your resume up to date. If you can, line up a job before you take off; there are heaps of different companies and agencies that help people land jobs before they leave, for a comparatively small fee.  Otherwise when you touch down in your new city, look into local job sites or even reach out to recruitment agencies to help you find your next gig. Not only does a job abroad look amazing on your resume, it will teach you how to be more flexible, adaptable and resourceful. On top of all that, you will learn how your industry operates in a different country; an insight that is highly sought after by many organisations.

Study overseas

Isn’t the internet amazing? Gone are the days where you need to be physically present in a classroom to get a qualification – instead, you have entered a whole new world of virtual education and distance learning. A lot of Australian institutions offer students the chance to study online and learn flexibly from wherever they want. That means you could be halfway across the world and still move forward with your qualification, without having to defer or put everything on pause. Kirana Colleges offers online courses in Aged Care, Early Childhood Education & Care and many more. That means that you can complete your qualification from a beach in Mykonos (we can’t guarantee the WiFi situation will be great though!) By the end of your extended travel journey, you will receive a qualification that is nationally recognised back home, without you even having to be there! This brings us too…


This one is the Holy Grail for digital nomads! It’s safe to say, many people have satiated their travel bug and maintained their professional career by working contract jobs. No longer is freelancing reserved for just bloggers or marketers, a lot of those in professional services are also forging their own paths and offering their expertise to various companies through freelance work. Plenty of apps allow freelancers to bid for jobs or advertise their services for eager customers. Whether it’s consulting work or one-off jobs, there is always a demand for casual work to be fulfilled by skilled workers.

Work remotely

Picture working at your current job, all from your laptop in the comfort of your own home. Now picture that in a different country. It sounds too good to be true, right? Surprisingly, many companies have not only warmed to the idea of having their staff working remotely, they encourage it! Of course, this only applies to job roles that allow you to efficiently perform your job remotely. One big reason for this is that it improves employee retention, so rather than have good quality staff up and leave, they offer the next best alternative. Often, employers lose staff without even knowing that there was a way around it. Try and have an honest, open conversation with your manager about how you think you can carry out your role remotely and whether this is a possibility. You can even offer to freelance for them while you’re off, in which case, you have hit jackpot!

We know better than anyone that the fear of stopping your studies or quitting your job to jet across the globe is nervewracking. Thoughts like, ‘what if I quit my job to travel and I miss out on crucial career opportunities’ are common, if not absolutely normal. But also remember that life is short and precious and it’s all about seizing the day! Also, you don’t need to miss out on your career – there are ways around it.

So if you have been thinking about taking the plunge and jetting off but would like to continue learning and growing your skill set, click here and let our team help give you peace of mind while you follow (all) your dreams.

Don’t wait: Study online today at Kirana Colleges and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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