Three reasons people choose to study online

PUBLISHED18 October 2021

The educational space has come a long way in a short time. Those of us who can remember a time before e-lectures and remote learning can really attest to how much we have progressed.

There’s a reason that more and more Aussies are choosing to complete their education online. It’s already tough enough to meet the demands of a busy lifestyle, hectic schedule, work commitments and social obligations. When you throw full-time study at a campus in there, it can be enough to deter anyone from pursuing their ambitions or goals.

For the generations who skipped the relatively arduous processes that have now been made simpler thanks to the internet, online learning is a no brainer. So if the perks of studying online are obvious, why are some people still hesitant to jump on board?

One concern we often hear is the perceived isolation that online study creates. However, with the way most online learning platforms are set out, there are plenty of ways to connect with your fellow students and your trainers. For example, our learning hub features a forum where students in the same course can connect with one another. It also allows them to support each other throughout their studies. Others worry that they won’t find the motivation if someone isn’t constantly standing over their head or compelling them to complete their work in a timely manner. To combat this, our trainers habitually schedule appointments with students who are concerned about falling off the bandwagon. They also regularly check in with students who don’t log on enough, or who are falling behind in their assessments.

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Been on the fence about taking the plunge? Here are some reasons why our students choose to study online rather than in a classroom.

You can still take a “gap” year while studying

The idea of pausing your studies to undertake a gap year has been a part of the narrative of many students. Online study means you have the flexibility to stop and start where you left off, without worrying about missing classes or falling behind. That means you can continue to earn your qualification without having to delay it while you fulfil other goals you set out for yourself. This could be like living abroad, volunteering or working full time.

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Because classroom learning isn’t for everyone

Not everyone’s learning journey will be paved the same. Many of our students like the convenience of setting up their “classroom” within their homes, as they can control how they study. This is particularly beneficial for those who find classroom learning tedious or don’t respond best to this style of education. Some people find it more useful to be in a room with a teacher, whilst others find it might move too fast or too slow for them or not be engaging enough to keep them motivated. The most important thing here is identifying what kind of learner you are and choosing the best avenue to compliment that.

You can advance your career while earning your qualification

The internet has now equipped people with the means to work and study at the same time, meaning more people are already set up for a job in their field before they even graduate. This is highly compelling for those whose qualifications are complimenting their work. It also suits mature aged students looking to upskill and get back into the workforce as soon as possible.

Despite the perception of some that online learning can be more challenging or difficult, we are inspired by the learning journies of our online students. We hear about new routines, self-discovered discipline, pushing boundaries and beating all odds to succeed.

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