Whilst you’re housebound be course-bound

PUBLISHED18 October 2021

Whilst You’re Housebound Be Course-bound

There is a lot of uncertainty about what the next few months will hold for Australians. As we are asked to do social distancing and avoid public places, we will be spending more time in our homes. Whilst you are at home, rather than turning on the TV, scrolling through your phone, or spending endless hours reading the same news updates – make the time count and use the time productively to upskill or reskill by doing an online course.

Having extra time at home can be put to good use to do online studies – whilst your housebound be course-bound! Online training means you can complete your training anywhere in Australia with an internet connection – whilst also getting the practical job ready skills you need for your career.

What courses can you do online?

You may be thinking of starting a new career, or want skills to future proof your career. Whatever your reason, if you are interested in a career in Early Childhood Education and Care, Community Services, or even in Aged Care you can study and get qualified for these industries online. Better still, there are online courses which provide nationally recognised industry qualifications.

Study at your own pace

The terrific part of online studies (apart from being able to do them at home) is that you can study at your own pace. You may find that you can get through a course a lot quicker than you could with traditional classroom learning. We have never lived through a time of government imposed social distancing. Now that you are unable to attend many of your favourite group activities and social gatherings – it does mean you also will have more time than ever before to complete a course.

Get practical skills

You may wonder how you can obtain nationally recognised qualification in childcare, aged care or community services online. After all, these professions require practical skills. The question is “can you learn the processes, knowledge and skills in an online environment?” The answer to this question is “yes”. Yes, you can! The key is having great trainers, and a practical work placement.

Get ahead of the pack

The Coronavirus imposed changes will also likely have a big impact to our economy and its important to ensure that you have job ready skills to position you well in the job market. You have the option to do nothing or to prepare for the future and get ahead of the pack by getting skilled. Completing additional work qualifications during this time is a great way to future proof your career.

Popular online courses

Some of the most popular online courses at Kirana Colleges are the; Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care; Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing); Certificate III in Individual Support and Certificate IV in Ageing Support; the Diploma of Community Services and the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. Our students get the benefit of being trained by people with extensive industry experience in an online environment. Students get the knowledge they need through online training.

So, rather than the social distancing time at home disappearing with nothing to show – get connected and course bound.

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