4 Tips To Determine Which Qualification is Suitable for You

PUBLISHED15 May 2024

Are you looking to study a qualification but not sure which one? The terminology of Certificate III, Diploma and even Advanced Diploma can get confusing and overwhelming, however here is a quick and simple guide to help you decide which one is suited for you.

Certificates are available in four levels – I, II, III and IV and a Diploma/Advanced is the highest qualification in the VET sector. The higher the level of the Certificate, the more in-depth and also in some cases, longer (depending on the industry) the course work will be. Most certificate’s also offer work placement as a requirement for completion of the course.

Certificate I, II, III, and IV qualifications

Some industries start with a Certificate I, which is considered a short course and gives entry-level knowledge into the sector. This does not require any prerequisites or background information.

Certificate II courses are ideal places to start if you’re new to studying a new course or have very basic knowledge. When you complete your Certificate II, you can credit your units to your new Certificate III qualification.

Certificate III typically requires 1-2 years of study, whereas the course can be shorter if you are studying a lower-level qualification. In some cases, you can take up a Certificate III and Certificate IV in a dual package.

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Your Certificate IV allows you to gain a higher level of knowledge that is valuable in your career.

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The Diploma/Advanced Diploma is essentially a step up from the Certificate IV and in some industries, you can take up a Diploma before a Certificate IV.

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There are multiple ways of getting ahead of the game such as getting promoted or even looking for if you feel like your knowledge and skill level are more suited to an Advanced/Diploma, then you can enrol in this to gain more knowledge in your chosen industry. Diplomas teach you to communicate with your colleagues and offer real workplace solutions to get you ready for the office.

So which one is suitable for me?

Now that you know what type of qualifications there are, below is a guide for which qualification suits you. Here are 4 tips that can guide you in deciding which course is suited for you:

  • Hours of study: When studying a Certificate III or higher, you must be able to put in over 15-20 hours of study each week.
  • Duration?: When are you able to complete this qualification? Do you think you will be able to complete this within the next 2 years?
  • Future employment: Where do you see yourself in 2 years? Do you see yourself as a SupervisorManager, or Education Manager? Maybe a Certificate IV or Diploma is more suited to you.
  • Passion? Just how passionate are you about this industry? If you think, you can commit your efforts wholeheartedly then a Certificate IV might be ideal.

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