How to fit studying online into your life: 5 tips to survive

PUBLISHED18 October 2021

How to fit studying online into your life: 5 tips to survive

Between family commitments, working full-time (or even part-time), it may seem like adding studying onto your plate would be something you would not think about doing right now.

However, it can be a lot easier than you think to balance work, play, and online study all at the same time! Here are some tips to help you balance all 3!

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Create a plan when it comes to your work and personal commitments, try to make a planner on what you have on that day, and slot in some time for studying online and focusing on assessments.

Always remember that consistency is key and the more you work on your course, the more progress you will make in the long run!


Procrastination is the enemy and it is very easy to get distracted. That’s why setting some boundaries with family or even friends, when assessments are due is vital with online study. Maybe declining dinner with your best friend does not feel good now, but thinking about your success, in the long run, is what should be your driving force when studying online.

Some other great habits could include:

  • Using the Pomodoro technique – where you study in 25min chunks and then take 5-minute breaks.
  • Let your family know that you will be studying/working on assessments from this time to this time. This will allow them not to distract you whilst you study.
  • If your house is too much of a distraction with loud doorbells, phone calls, or even loud neighbours, go to your local library or café to sit and study for a few hours. Maybe the new ambiance could accelerate your concentration and help you improve your retention.


Sometimes studying online in your own home can be boring and uncomfortable. Having a good study nook is ideal to help you focus and concentrate on assessments.

  • Your study space should be separate from your bedroom, living room, and even kitchen.
  • Make sure the area is away from traffic and your family/roommates can leave you undisturbed.
  • Stay away from TV, mobile phones, and other gadgets as this only creates distractions.


Everyone learns differently!

Online study suits a variety of learners, so what might work for some may not work for others! Understand what learning style is ideal for you: such as are you more productive role-playing your assessments than you are reading them.

Online study

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” – Donna J. Abernathy

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Study when you want, where you want, and how you want with our online courses in Childcare, Aged Care, and Community Services.

Whether you are a full-time working professional or even own your own business, online study offers the flexibility to achieve your educational and career goals.

Some other benefits of online training

  • Learn while you earn: No, we are not talking about paid lessons here. But the brilliant part of online vocational education training is that you don’t need to quit your job or take a break from full-time work to learn something new. You can continue working as usual, and dedicate a few hours per day at a time that suits you.
  • Start learning anytime: Online learning does not bind you to learn everything in one go. You can start a lesson, leave it midway and continue from wherever you left at a later stage. You can restart the lesson you were last on.
  • Enhance your skillset: Of course, the primary reason to sign up for an online certification course is to learn something new that can help you take your career to another level. Our online courses will help you develop that expertise, and all courses at Kirana Online are all nationally recognised.

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