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5 simple tips on looking after your mental health

PUBLISHED18 October 2021

Confused?Anxious? Looking after your mental health is important because it can help cope with adversity like the one entire world is facing now.

Work from home, study from home, isolation, lack of physical contact with friends and families; COVID 19 has forced us to make drastic changes to our lifestyle. While some of us are gradually getting used to this new normal, some are struggling to adapt to these sudden changes.

If you fall in the latter, please know that it is ok to feel this way. It is important to understand what you are feeling, why you feel this way and how can you manage it. Looking after our mental health is important because it’s a vital part of our life. It helps adapt to changes in our life and cope with adversity like the one entire world is facing now.

While we are limited to things we can do due to COVID 19 restrictions here are a few simple tips on looking after your mental health.

Keep informed

Get the latest information from trusted sources but limit the number of times you seek information. The key is to find a healthy balance of information. It is also important to identify fake and true news. Listen to advice and recommendations from credible sources only. Example:

Create a routine

Follow your normal routine, to the extent possible. It helps establish structure within the unfamiliarity of isolation. Include exercise, meditation, adequate sleep and healthy eating as a part of your daily routine. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important part of looking after your mental health. It will help calm your mind and body and help boost your immunity.

Try to find the positive side

Whenever you feel low or frustrated of your current experience try to focus on the positive aspect. Just think of how you have more time to focus on yourself, more time to spend with family, getting to know your community, discovering new interests like cooking, painting, music etc.

Stay connected

Make the most of technology. Stay in regular contact with your friends and family through online channels. Reaching out to others and sharing how you feel can help provide emotional support. Looking after your mental health is realising the importance of your mental health. Therefore, dont hesitate to seek support if you are feeling low.

Here is a list of resources you can seek support from:

Help others and spread positivity

Offer help to people in your community who may need some extra support and care. Helping others can be as simple as grocery shopping for an elderly neighbor, talking to a lonely friend or a family member, expressing gratitude to front-line workers. You can spread positive messages on your social channels. Your help can make a difference in the life of others and make you feel better. You can also enroll in a mental health, community services courses and offer professional services to your near ones and the community.

Remember, this is temporary. Change and uncertainty can be overwhelming and this is why it is important to look after your mental health. Don’t let the anxiety of uncertainty influence your perspective and as you look after your mental health also be kind to each other.

We are all in this together!

At Kirana Colleges, we are committed to the health and well being of our students. The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a voluntary, confidential and complimentary counselling service which is dedicated to providing new and existing Kirana Colleges students with free and confidential counselling services to help with their mental health and well-being.

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