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Kirana Workforce Development for businesses – should you offer a traineeship?

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Kirana Workforce Development, a subsidiary to Kirana Education, is catered to businesses that are looking to give their existing or new workers an opportunity to upskill or pursue a qualification relevant to their specific business needs. We can help you invest your most valuable asset: your employees, and uncover their potential for growth and success using our training and qualifications.

So, why should you offer a traineeship to your new or current employees? Offering traineeships unlock your employees full potential in the workplace, maximising your business opportunities by helping to build loyalty with your organisation and give your employees greater confidence in their own abilities. You will create a skilled, work ready, loyal and clever team dedicated to the needs of your growing business, in a workforce that is progressive in its thinking, self-perpetuating and adaptable to the changes within your industry.

Kirana Workforce Development will work with you to offer the most relevant courses. We have industry specific partnerships where we work with government and businesses all over Australia, and we will closely work with you and your employees to understand and create a tailor-made up-skilling strategy. We offer high quality training with passionate teachers, nationally recognised qualifications, courses that are frequently updated to keep up with industry changes and flexibility in the way courses are delivered at your workplace.

So, how does it work? Once you’ve decided to up-skill your employee, you will then seek out a qualified RTO that is accredited and delivers nationally recognised training, through Kirana Workforce Development. You’ll make an appointment and one of our team will come out to you. We will then sit with you to determine the best outcome for your business, including the type of qualification, the number of participants and whether they are classified as new (less than 3 months in the role) or existing employees. You may even be qualified for governmental financial assistance, which we can look into for you. Then, an agreement is drawn up and a date is set for your traineeship to begin.

Kirana Workforce Development offers a number and variety of traineeships that last less than four years, including; Aged Care, Early Childhood Education and Care, Community Services, Business and Management, Warehousing and Transport, Retail. The training takes place on-site within normal business hours. Employees will do a mixture of readings, assignments and projects and the trainer will regularly conduct evaluations to ensure your staff are achieving their objectives.

Kirana Workforce Development has been in the business of workplace up-skilling for over 7 years and we aim to provide training with as little impact to everyday business activities. Our traineeships have been developed to address skills gaps in the market, and an employee with a diverse and adaptable skill set has higher job satisfaction through increased responsibility. Up-skill your employees now and benefit from your growing reputation as a business that invests in its staff; you’ll attract better employees and together they will raise the bar keeping your business a current and edgy leader in your industry. Contact us today to find out how else we can help you.

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Kirana Workforce Development for businesses – should you offer a traineeship?